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Noah's Ark

Piece Count: 976 pieces
Recommended Age: 12+
Average Build Time: 2-4 hours
Size: 12” height, 20” length, 7” width.
Bricks: Compatible with similar building block construction toys


Includes the following pieces:
Noah & his wife
Japeth & his wife
Ham & his wife
Shem & his wife
2 Giraffes
2 Pandas
2 Doves
2 Alligators
2 Tigers
2 Camels
2 Polar Bears
2 Cattle
2 Sheep
Pieces to build the Ark
Pieces to build a rainbow
High resolution instruction manual


Download Instruction Manual
This downloadable instruction manual is free of charge. You don’t have to purchase a Brick’Em Young to enjoy. All copyrights, trademarks, intellectual property and other information belong to Brick’Em Young. Hope you enjoy building this nativity!